The Accelerant Program

Supercharged free practice management consulting for VT clinics who qualify

A year long commitment from us to double or triple your business.

When we say "practice management consulting," we're not talking about giving a few tidbits of advice. Our team will fly out to your clinic to implement our program and then engage with you for a year to ensure its success.

How to Qualify

We are looking for optometrists who are entrepreneurs who really want to grow the VT side of their practice. You may have an existing practice or starting a new practice.


  • Have capacity to grow to at least 60 weekly vision therapy sessions.

  • Must be willing for our team to come in for two full business days to meet with you and your staff (staff involvement will vary on the practice).

  • Also be willing to have one to two follow-up phone calls a month

  • Be willing to reimburse our team's travel expenses to meet with you and your staff

  • Be willing to work hard, make changes, and see results!

How to Apply

We want to learn about your practice and the challenges you are facing to see if you are good fit for our program.  The application takes about 15-30 minutes to complete.  Please apply here.

*We also offer traditional practice management consulting services.  You can schedule a  free initial consult with Dr. Winters here

Learn more at our Webinar - January 22, 2021 at 12 pm EST/9 am PST

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