The Full Package

Emergent and Anteo Partnership

Have you ever had a patient ask you, "Is there anyway you can post the instructions to that activity?"  Anteo not only is the answer to that question, but it also helps the doctor with their vision therapy treatment planning and helps therapists better track and monitor home therapy.

Rather than force you into a pre-set program like some of these mobile platforms do, Anteo gives you the ability to completely customize the platform to your vision therapy program.  Just like Emergent, Anteo knows each clinic does things a little bit different and gives you a platform to do it your way.

Anteo Benefits

  • Flexible pre-programs which save doctors tens of hours

  • Works on any device - Apple, Android, and PCs - for Doctors and Patients

  • Anteo verifies every customer to be a licensed OD so no other professionals get access to VT content

  • Integrated HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing with patients

  • Anteo treatment programs include a powerful patient education module where doctors can put reading articles, videos, symptom questionnaires. Doctors can use this even for training their own therapists

  • Doctors can access their app on computers as well as tablets via browser (Binovi allows only on tablets)

Emergent Pairs Perfectly with the Anteo Platform

Emergent delivers medical grade, professional, state-of-the equipment that matches the level of care you provide in your office. 

We also know that every clinic is different and so we design and  customizing home therapy kits for your office.  You'll not only have exactly what you need, but you will also save valuable time and expense having therapists stock, inventory, and put together kits for patients. 

How does the partnership work for you?

Emergent customers receive a 10% discount on their platform, and Anteo customers receive a 10% discount on our products.* 

*Terms and conditions may apply. 

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