Autoship Member Program

A note from Dr. Winters

With my own clinics, ordering, replacing, and managing my equipment was often a nightmare.  We created the autoship program for my clinic and I realized what a benefit it would be for others.  The home therapy kits now come every month in their backpack ready to give to patients.  No more paying my highly trained staff to make brock strings and marsden balls.  Also now that my equipment looks professional, I charge for it appropriately.  As such it also adds to the bottom line just like frames do. 

How does it work?

Every month you will automatically receive the home therapy kits you customized for your clinic.  You pick how many kits and on what day of the month we ship your product.  If you start to get too many kits or if you are running low, simply email us and we will make an adjustment to your monthly order.  


As an autoship member you are entitled to some pretty cool benefits. 


  • If you purchase more than 6 a month, you receive a set discount (based on the average number of kits you order) on all our products whenever you purchase anything from our product catalog

  • 50% off any online therapist training course (that's a savings of $500)

  • First access to our new products

  • Free initial practice management consultation