One Big Happy Family


During the Christmas break of 2012, Ben the Doctor said to his brother, "I bet we could make some amazing VT equipment."  Dennis the Engineer said, "Let me get my 3D printer."  The rest is history. 


With a passion for truly innovative, beautifully professional equipment these brothers created a company founded on the idea that if vision therapy is going to be taken seriously, then the equipment has to reflect that kind of serious professionalism you would expect from medical equipment.

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Meet the Crew


Benjamin Winters, OD, FCOVD

Dr. Winters is an amazing OD with a passion for Developmental Optometry. He saw some real needs of the vision therapy community and has been working diligently to create a team to provide solutions to those needs; from improved equipment, therapist training, to practice management consulting.
Some of his eccentricities include trying to convince his work team to go running/cycling with him and really specific optometry jokes (that anyone not in the Vision Therapy community would find to be… how do we put this gently? … disgusting? ….off-putting? ….disturbing?

The Doctor

Tyler Ives

“Bears, beets, battlestar galactica”…. Oh wait, wait! This is Tyler we are talking about so it would be: data, financial models, analytics, and most importantly AIRPLANES!  He is the big picture guy, the numbers guy, and the HR guy. He has a passion for helping businesses grow and find financial stability and success.  And if that all gets wrapped up in a timely manner you will have success spotting him in the sky.


The Entrepeneur


Dennis Winters

The Webster's dictionary definition of Dennis is: quirky R&D-er. If he isn’t off taking his 17 min power nap, taking hot/cold showers, or building a second floor in the back of his Honda Element, he is off traveling the world with his beautiful family. He somehow still manages to develop awesome new concepts and products for Emergent to produce.

Balloons, zip ties, cardboard, and a little ingenuity is all Dennis needs to make the magic happen. While definitely the scattered brain of the operation, if it were not for all of Dennis' hard work and passion our team would not be here to serve the vision therapy community developing brand new products.

The Engineer

James Smith, COVT

COVT, preacher, volunteer firefighter, teacher, lecturer, and the list goes on. If you have a question about VT, James is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. James is so passionate about everything that he does and his passion is contagious. (So, if you aren’t ready to deep dive, you’ve been warned )
James blesses the Emergent team and the vision therapy community with all of his talents by heading up the digital therapist training, exams, webinars, and by advocating for the needs of his fellow vision therapists.

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The Preacher


Michaela Ives

Fulfillment Empress Supreme is her official title but most people call her Michaela as a sign of respect for her status. She keeps the company humming with the wheels on the ground and spends far too much of her time keeping all of the boys in line. Between juggling the logistics of keeping manufacturing stocked on raw inventory and making sure orders are going out in a timely manner she finds time for pops of sunshine with her love of ridiculous dad jokes.

The Manager

Samuel Givens

Fueled by caffeine and gasoline Sam manufactures the vision therapy equipment you know and love with efficiency and quality. When he's not sweating pools in a panda costume you can find Sam in the shop losing tools he just had in his hand 10 seconds ago, beating manufacturing speed records and annoying Michaela in fulfillment. As the youngest in the Emergent family and with 3 years in the company Sam is very proud of how much manufacturing has grown and always has plans for improvement with customer satisfaction at the top of his mind.

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Malcom Hart

In between website design, manufacturing, and machine maintenance, he tries to properly startle his co workers with scares and cat noise machines.  Malcom brings some long winded stories and experiences to the team, with programming and aircraft maintenance under his many notched belt. While he is the newest employee on the block, he is not above reading bedtime stories to the 3d printers when they miss the engineer, Dennis. Hey! they work better that way!

The Builder

The Tech

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