One Kit

3 month Challenge

Many doctors and therapists ask the question, "With all of the different patients I have, how can I have just one kit for all of them?"

Our most profitable and efficient clinics use just one kit. No matter if they are strabismic, TBI, or visual skills cases, they use the same kit. They do it because this method (one kit for all patients) more than any other reduces staff costs and headaches associated with home therapy equipment.  It is how we designed our Effortless Equipment Management systems.  Additionally, our professionally designed medical grade equipment presents best to patients when it is given in one complete kit. It has been our experience that giving partial kits or ad hoc equipment just does not present the same level of professionalism that is consistent with the high level of care you offer.

One Kit = 

More Professional Appeal and Less Equipment Headaches = 
Higher Perceived Value and Lower Staff Costs = 
Greater Customer Satisfaction and Profits
(And no patient ever complains that they did not use all the equipment in their kit).

What about saving your patients money?

Imagine for a second what you would think if your orthodontist's office tried to use cheaper braces wire to save their patients money.  Even if it was just as effective, if anyone found out they were using inferior products, it wouldn't be good for business. Perception often plays a much bigger role than we tend to want to believe.  You'd never want your choice of cutting costs on equipment to make the difference on whether or not a patient signed up for vision therapy.

How does it work?

Were so confident that it will work for your clinic, we have a one kit - 3 month challenge. If after 3 months of trying to use one kit for all your new patients you decide it wasn't right for your clinic, you'll get 50% money back on your 3 months of orders.

If you are interested, please let us know at sign up that you want to participate in this program.