Information for 

Healthcare Providers and Frontline Workers

You've Just Received Your Package of Face Shields

This page is to provide assembly and other instructions to those on the frontlines who have just received your package of face shields.  If you are a health care provider or other frontline worker and are in need of donated face shields for your facility or organization, please contact us at 509-209-8002 or

Assembly Instructions

These shields can be assembled in less than 1 min.

We recommend that you watch the video above


It is recommended you wear medical gloves to handle the equipment.  Place the plastic shield face down and take a piece of closed cell foam from the box.  Peel off the brown adhesive backing and place over the rectangle marked on the back of the shield.  Press down firmly



With the face shield face down, take a strap with sizes A-W marked on the side and slide it into the right side of the mask.  There are 2 slots, the diagonal slot allows for more space for a larger respirator.  Thread the strap through the chosen slot from the front of the shield to the back.  Give the strap a tug to move past the first notch so it locks into place.



With the shield face down, take the buckle strap and thread it through the left side of the shield.  As before, give this strap a tug to move past the first notch to lock it into place.



Fasten both straps together by sliding the buckle strap tab into the appropriate slot on the sizing strap. The vented closed cell foam will contour to your forehead to provide protection from vertical contaminants.


All masks have been sprayed with 91% alcohol before shipping.  There are spare straps and foam headbands in each shipment.  Please give us feedback for our product as we design and manufacture all our equipment and can rapidly iterate any changes/improvements required.  Please email our owner and Head Designer at

We would love for you to take a picture of you wearing these and send it to us at or           #emergentvt