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Emergent has the only COVD endorsed VT therapist training course on the market. Our 101 course comes with personal mentorship, progress quizzes, oral reviews, and written final examinations. All results and summaries are prepared for the managing doctor at the end of the course.

We also offer a 201 course that builds upon the 101 training. Here we cover advanced topics related to vision therapy. All digital training is 50% off if you are an autoship member.

For doctors who are looking for CE credit, we have COPE-certified versions of our 101 and 201 courses.

Every month Emergent hosts a therapist training webinar available to everyone for free. Come join us and participate! 

If you'd like in-clinic training, depending on our schedule, we'd be happy to visit you and your staff. 




VT 101 Course



Our online vision therapist course is designed to provide a new vision therapist with foundational concepts and a basic knowledge of vision therapy. Our curriculum is ideal for new Vision Therapists or existing therapists preparing for their COVT boards.


The course has over 50 videos with

45 comprehension checks.

  • Online/Self-Paced

  • COVT Mentored  

  • COPE Approved

  • Everything a vision therapist needs to get started



NOTE: You will need to purchase a separate course for each vision therapist taking the course

NOTE: You must be an optometrist or be supervised by an optometrist to purchase this course


Course Graduates


Soon you will get to see our prestigious list of graduates. You can even see which clinic they belong to. Join the family!




Benjamin Winters, OD, FCOVD

Dr. Winters is board-certified in vision development and vision therapy.  He started Washington Vision Therapy Center in Yakima, Washington which grew to having over 150 concurrent patients in vision therapy.  This growth continued as he helped start 2 more vision therapy clinics in Washington State.  His advocacy for children that struggle with life-altering developmental vision problems has included over 100 lectures in colleges, professional groups, parent groups, and schools. He is one of the founders of the Foundation for Vision Therapy Awareness, a non-profit that raises awareness for individuals struggling with vision problems that can be treated through vision therapy.

James Smith, COVT

James Smith, COVT has been a vision therapist for many years and became certified through the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) in 2015. His doctors have often commented on his instinctiveness in patient care and how he is able to connect with patients.  Through Emergent, James has worked with over 150 vision therapists through the Emergent Online Vision Therapy Course. He is currently the chairman of the COVT committee in the COVD.  His experience and knowledge in vision therapy have led doctors inviting him to come to their clinic and help train their vision therapists. James is a natural teacher and loves helping vision therapists meet their potential.

James BW High REz_edited.webp