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Double Your Profits. Guaranteed.

Our consulting is different.

Day 1 (onsite) - We spend time getting to understand you and your practice. What are your personal goals? What plans do you have for your practice? What are your major sources of stress? What do your financials look like?

Day 2 (onsite) - Together we review our objectives and measures of success tailor-made for your unique situation. We also review the custom financial/data models of your clinic. Then we get to work implementing critical changes and processes. 

The next 12 months - We'll meet with you once a month to go over practice management, data, and financials. We keep working until all of your objectives are met. 

Our consulting services come with payment plans and we also have no-money-down options. Our work is guaranteed.



Grow Clinic


To see if our practice management consulting is right for you, schedule a free consult with Dr. Winters.

Consulting Team

Consulting Team


Benjamin Winters, OD, FCOVD

Dr. Winters is board-certified in vision development and vision therapy.  He started Washington Vision Therapy Center in Yakima, Washington which grew to having over 150 concurrent patients in vision therapy.  This growth continued as he helped start 2 more vision therapy clinics in Washington State.  His advocacy for children that struggle with life-altering developmental vision problems has included over 100 lectures in colleges, professional groups, parent groups, and schools. He is one of the founders of the Foundation for Vision Therapy Awareness, a non-profit that raises awareness for individuals struggling with vision problems that can be treated through vision therapy.

James Smith, COVT

James Smith, COVT has been a vision therapist for many years and became certified through the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) in 2015. His doctors have often commented on his instinctiveness in patient care and how he is able to connect with patients.  Through Emergent, James has worked with over 150 vision therapists through the Emergent Online Vision Therapy Course. He is currently the chairman of the COVT committee in the COVD.  His experience and knowledge in vision therapy have led doctors inviting him to come to their clinic and help train their vision therapists. James is a natural teacher and loves helping vision therapists meet their potential.

James BW High REz_edited.webp

Tyler Ives

Tyler is a serial entrepreneur and launched his first successful venture while pursuing a degree in International Business at the University of Washington. Passionate about business creation, he joined Shoobx in 2014 to help other entrepreneurs successfully launch and grow their individual companies. Through this work he has provided business consulting to several Fortune-500 companies.  He has also been a guest lecturer at the Harvard Business School.  Yet, his passion still lies in helping small businesses succeed and grow. 

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