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Consulting Testimonials

Brandon Walley, OD

Collierville Vision Center

Collierville, TN

"Dr. Winters and Tyler came to my practice and helped me learn how to run a VT Business.  They started from the very beginning and gave me countless resources from marketing to financials to help me run a successful business. I knew how to run a primary care practice but I had no idea how to set up a VT practice.  They helped me project future income and plan for expansion as my practice grew.  We made plans to remodel part of my existing space and they helped me see that through.  I now have a thriving VT practice thanks to them!"  

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Sarah Hutchens, BSC, OD, FCOVD

The Vision Development Centre

St. Johns, Newfoundland

"Working with the Emergent team has been a game-changer for our practice. As Optometrists, we have great chairside skills, but Optometry school doesn't cover any of the business basics; we are great at working in the business, but not always great at working on the business. The Emergent team helped me to look at my business from a different vantage point and learn to analyze the numbers. The techniques, tools and tips helped in all areas: staff hiring, retention and satisfaction, improved referrals, improved communication and overall improved functionality of my team and whole practice. And the results speak for themselves: 2 of the last 3 months have been our highest grossing to date!" 

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Kacie Monroe, OD, FCOVD

Eyecare Associates of Marshalltown

Marshalltown, IA

"My experience with Ben and Emergent Consulting services was exceptional. My perspective is probably a bit different than a typical client, as I am an employed doctor in a private practice that was just beginning to offer vision therapy within the existing practice. While I had previous experience offering vision therapy services, I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of starting from scratch to build our vision therapy services. All of the customized checklists, resources, suggestions, and monthly check-ins were exactly what I needed to get our program off and running. Highly recommend!"

Mark Curtis, OD, FCOVD

Achieve Vision Therapy

Pleasant Grove, UT

"Ben and Tyler made our practice acquisition possible. Without their mentorship and mediation the process would not have happened as quickly or as smoothly as it did. The onsite visit was crucial for helping the staff get on board as well. Their ongoing support made it much easier to go from associate to owner. It takes a lot more than 12 months to acquire an owner mindset, but Ben helped us create processes and policies that really got us off on the right track. I'll always be grateful for his patient way of working with us through every unique situation we could throw at him."

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Maura Massucci, OD, FCOVD

Massucci Vision Plus

Wexford, PA

"I cannot say enough about how Emergent Consulting has helped my practice over the past year.  The Emergent team helped us take a hard look at how our office was running, and recommended ways for us to set goals, put strategies in place to reach those goals, and monitor our progress along the way.  They also helped us implement organization processes and procedures for both doctors and staff.  My vision therapists LOVED the on-site training that James provided, and the quality of their therapy and understanding of therapeutic procedures has improved tremendously.  Hiring and onboarding a new therapist was much easier using their methods and training courses.  Our vision therapy patients are now fully completing their recommended therapy programs consistently and are much more committed to the process.  

I am thoroughly impressed with everything that Emergent Consulting has done for our practice.  Our vision therapy program revenue has grown exponentially over the past year, and that's great.  We are able to continue to grow and support a robust scholarship program for those who need it.  But even better -- our patients are getting amazing care, improving faster and more consistently, and we are helping more people use their vision to their fullest potential!  And for us, that's what it's all about.  Thank you to Dr. Winters, Tyler, and James for helping us get our practice on the right track to change as many lives as possible.  I will be forever grateful for their help."  

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Tina Schiller, OD, FCOVD

Summit Vision Center

Issaquah, WA

"I worked with Ben and Tyler beginning in the months leading up to opening my cold start vision therapy practice and for about a year after I opened. The summary is that I highly recommend Ben, Tyler, and the Emergent team!


First, Ben and Tyler took the time to truly and actually get to know me and my specific goals versus only applying a standardized set of consulting procedures. I was working with a non-VT specific cold start consulting group before I had the opportunity to work with Emergent, and so the difference in how truly committed to my and my practice's specific needs Ben and Tyler were compared to my previous experience with other consultants was so obvious and also so critical to why they were a vital part of my success. Two years later, we still use the financial model that Tyler built for us to help make decisions. Ben helped with everything from marketing material to my electronic health records to letter and report templates to our schedule.


While he had a list of specific things for us to work through, he always allowed me to edit the agenda and he flexibly shifted to help support me in whatever specific area I needed each month in our monthly meetings. He was as much a counselor for me as a consultant in that he listened first and foremost, and this is why he was so helpful in my new practice ownership journey--everything was customized to me and my specific practice. I can't write enough words to recommend Ben, Tyler, and Emergent. They are phenomenal humans individually and also a phenomenal team." 

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Liza Stremick, OD

Eyes on Burdick

Minot, ND

"Partnering with Emergent has been a game-changer for our optometry practice. Their specialized expertise has not only enhanced patient care but also streamlined our operations. We were very aware that our office needed to make changes and the Emergent team was vital to making these changes happen.  They were able to help us determine the strengths and weaknesses of our program, and developed a step by step action plan to make changes. We're incredibly grateful for the invaluable contributions of Dr. Winters and his Emergent team!" 

More Testimonials

“I own a Vision Therapy only practice, no optical, no insurance.  I like things to be streamlined and as efficient as possible. It wasn’t until Dr Winters his team arrived that I realized how poorly the office was being managed with day-to-day tasks.  The Emergent Team helped improve our intake process for scheduling new exams. They showed a better way to answer phone calls and emails that improved patient sign up rates.  They also showed me what performance factors to pay attention to, that allows me to track the financial progress in my practice.  James helped teach my therapy team new activities and protocols for therapy.  The monthly talks were key to keep my accountable in the tasks that needed to be done, but also very helpful when times were difficult in dealing with employee and business problems.  The Emergent team help improve my knowledge and confidence of running a practice.  They were key to ensuring the purchase of my building.  I do not think I would be where I am today without their guidance.”

Alex Conley, OD, FCOVD, Neuro Eye Team, Fort Worth, TX

"It has been a true pleasure working closely with Dr. Ben Winters and his team as consultants for our new vision therapy practice. He provided great tips on marketing and shared helpful materials for the clinic to utilize. Ben and his team also provided great advice and assisted in the hiring of our vision therapist and patient care coordinator. After each meeting, Ben provided new objectives to meet and insight on more ways to develop substantial growth in referrals and vision therapy patients. Ben truly goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Dr. Winters and his team. Thank you for everything!" 

Judy Cao, OD, FAAO, FCOVD, Vizen Optometric Center, San Gabriel, CA

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