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Best Practices - Dr. Lam

Here is my second entry into our new series "Best Practices in America."

We had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Valerie Lam's (OD, FCOVD) practice in sunny Santa Ana, California. You can tell there has been a lot of thoughtfulness in all that she has done. The look and feel of her office is modern, yet cozy. The lighting is excellent. The VT room is not an afterthought, but well designed with a beautiful fountain to look at through large windows (talk about great peripheral stimulation).

In her waiting room she has a kids’ corner in her practice that is very inviting to the little people she sees.

There are display cases showing prizes that her patients can get for "VT dollars" that they earn, for example, by doing their VT home activities or good attendance. Importantly, she also uses it as a marketing tool. Kids get

tickets for submitting a success story, liking them on social media, or referring patients. We did something similar in our Yakima clinic and

found that this was really a great way to create buzz in your community about your practice. Positive patient to potential patient contact is always the best kind of community engagement you can get.

The other amazing thing I loved was how she does her progress reports. You can see an example report here. It makes it really easy for parents and others to quickly visualize their progress in therapy. She gave me permission to share it with all of you.

Good work Dr. Lam!!! Thanks for your excellent hospitality and an amazing visit.

Dr. Lam also shared with us her thoughts on how our practice management consulting helped her practice!

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