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Emergent's New Brock String

We always put an Emergent twist on all our products...something that takes the equipment to the next level. Our new Brock String has 3:

#1 - Normal on one side, Accommodative on the other

If you hold the string from one direction you will see the normal red, green, and yellow beads. If you hold it from the other direction, there are letters on the beads. This is made possible through cutting edge 3D printing that allows multicolor plastic printing. It is amazing how the binocular posture can change when you add an accommodative component. Now you can work on this with one of the most basic but greatest tools we have in VT, the brock string.

#2 - Glow in the Dark Comes Standard

If you are trying to break down suppression, there is nothing like taking away all other visual cues, so that the patient can focus solely on where their eyes are pointing. So, why not make glow in the dark standard on every brock string.

#3 - Luster Discs

For those familiar with our brock string, this is nothing new. The white discs work just like beads on the brock string. However, when using them with Red/Green glasses, not only do you get the benefit of having luster on the disc you are looking at, but the phys dip of the other discs are in red and green. Great for breaking down suppression. The brock string comes with 6 discs (3 quarter sized and 3 half dollar sized), so you start big and work your way towards bead size.

[Also pretty cool. Pictured in the back, is a strong magnet you can purchase with the brock string so patients can attach it to their fridge or other metal object]

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