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Everything You Need to Know about Setting Up Your Remote VT Program in Less than 20 minutes

Get 90% of your patients to switch to remote VT.

Many of us had hoped that this was going to be short stint before we could get our practices back up and running. It is becoming increasingly apparent that we’re in this for the long haul. As a result, those who have put off starting up a remote vision therapy program, this video is for you. I tried to jam pack it full with useful information. Here is what I covered:

  1. Getting your patients signed up for VT - I was fortunate to get 90% of our patients to switch from in-office to remote vision therapy. I give some things I think helped us do that

  2. How much should you charge for remote vision therapy

  3. How long should each session be

  4. What video conferencing platform should you use?

  5. What equipment do you need to do remote vision therapy?

Our website:

Our remote vision therapy kit:

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